The world patent of Maysin developed by the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
and the new drug development technology of PNP Biopharm, certified by hospitals in Shinwagawa,
the U.S., and Japan, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology of BGS Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
have been combined to provide excellent functional raw materials
created by long-standing research and development.

Ampoule characteristics made from natural ingredients
It is a patented product and registered as a raw material for cosmetics by the American Cosmetics Association (PCPC).
( Registration number : 24980, 24753, 28104, 32893, 19927 )

Beauty Global System

BGS gel pack is a natural material that is absorbed into the skin slowly for 2 to 3 hours.
It sticks to the skin, so it feels good to wear, and after 2 hours, the effect can be felt with the eyes.
BGS gel packs exhibit more than three times the penetration and ten times
more absorption than general nonwoven fabric packs.
The BGS gel pack is kept cool until the end without being affected by the ambient temperature.
After 2 hours of application, the heat disappears and the skin moisturizing
and healing effects are evident.
It is very good for use in plastic surgery and dermatology.

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Wrinkle improvement/whitening
Ultimate anti-aging ampoule: anti-aging vitality that gives skin vitality
  • Intensive care for wrinkle improvement and whitening by promoting skin regeneration and activating skin metabolism
  • After the active ingredients of Glycoprotein and Peptide Complex are absorbed, the skin is very moisturized and smoothly finished to care from the fundamentals of elasticity, moisture and skin aging.
  • Dual functionality (domestic)
Main ingredient
  • Adenosine, Glycoprotein, Tripeptide-1, Centella Asiatica extract,
    Glycolic acid, Niacinamide, Tranexamic acid, Nutrient Complex, 감초추출물
Main effect
  • Super Vital System : Anti-Aging & Total Solution
Highly moisturizing skin
Ultimate High Moisture Ampoule: Most Max Hydra Serum, Highly moisturizing serum that gives moisture energy to the skin
  • A highly moisturizing serum that penetrates into extremely sensitive areas of the face or skin to provide a deep hydration.
  • Contains the same ingredients as the skin lipid structure, strengthens skin's unique skin protective film function through Lipid Nutrition at the cell level + ceramide and free fatty acids are formulated similar to the composition of the lipid film in the skin
  • Excellent skin affinity and restores skin's unique protective film function
  • Hyaluronic acid serum with highly concentrated moisture, absorbed immediately as soon as it is applied and only silky remains, making the skin feel soft and soft.
  • Dual functionality (domestic)
Main ingredient
  • Moist max complex (4 types of hyaluronic acid derivatives), bio natural moisturizing (PGA/fermentation extract/low molecular weight levane), Icella, ceramide, Centella Asiatica extract, resveratrol natural oil, water-soluble tocopherol
Main effect
  • Super Moist System & Skin Elasticity + Highly moisturizing skin, very dry and sensitive skin care, quick recovery
Trouble care
Ultimate inflammation improvement ampoule: Faster and stronger new acne intensive care with acne improvement active complex
  • Relieve seborrheic skin inflammation, heal acne wounds and relieve traces
    * Spot Clear for local skin troubles
    * Effective care by Trio Acne Cure System
    * Complex function of wound treatment + scar minimization + redness relief
  • Dual functionality (domestic)
Main ingredient
  • -Protaetide, Glycoprotein, Phloretin, HCD, Salicylic acid, Tetrapeptide-44 (anti-inflammatory peptide), Centella Asiatica extract
    * Anti-inflammation (anti-inflammatory)
    * Repair & Regeneration (wound healing, skin regeneration)
Main effect
  • Acne and skin trouble care + skin moisturizing, quick recovery
Skin vitality/pore management
Ultimate skin recovery: Refresh Active complex
  • 85% of skin aging is photoaging, and one of the main factors of photoaging is skin stress due to oxidation.
  • Oxidative stress can cause dry looking skin
  • When designing the formulation, the fragrance oxidation effect is so important that it is prescribed by default, and the concept of maximizing this as a concept is the concept of Refresh (detox in other words).
    *Skin damage [Free radical (ROS) damage] of reactive oxygen species caused by light accumulates skin stress and promotes aging through DNA damage, lipid peroxidation, cell membrane damage, protein denaturation and degradation.
  • Dual functionality (domestic)
Main ingredient
  • SOD, TRX, polyphenols (resveratrol), GSH, seaweed extract, licorice extract, MAP, HCD
Main effect
  • Skin stress improvement due to photoaging, skin antioxidant, dead skin removal and pore care, etc.
Natural raw material ampoule patent registration certificate
Patent of KAERI
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Patent of PnP Biopharm
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