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February 13
  • Established Jeongin Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. Representative Director Minho Seo
    Food cooker with container identification function (ramen cooker), vending machine, Electronic Barcode Food Cooker Patent Registration Patent No. 10-1420137, 10-1824792, 10-1791339, 10-1811944, 10-1539358, 10-1709403, 10-1700029, 10-1642655 International patent registration
  • Development of instant mask pack manufacturing equipment for home / business.
  • Investment contract conclusion with Hyunsung Group's affiliates, Hyunsung F&B Co., Ltd. and AI Ramen Cooking Machine Co., Ltd. worth 15 billion won. GS convenience store, CU convenience store, Korail, Han River park, government office, University cafeteria, PC room, etc. delivery. self-developed food sales
  • Participated in overseas food-related exhibitions.
    Currently exporting to Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Mongolia and Kazakhstan.
  • Production of 2,000 units of instant mask pack manufacturing equipment for home use.
  • Completed development of natural hydrogel (collagen).
May 31
  • Established a separate corporation for mask pack manufacturing equipment.
    Minho Digital Co., Ltd.
    Representative Director Minho Seo
  • Mask pack manufacturing equipment development, production, sales / Mask pack raw materials, ample sales.
  • Development of Functional Gel-Pack Manufacturer for Business Use
  • Development of Functional Gel-Pack maker for Home Use
  • Patent registration of mask pack manufacturing equipment
    Patent No. 10-1832612, 10-1846686, 10-2040403, 10-2121702
    International Patent PCT Application (Application Number PCT/KR2019/008090)
  • Design registration of mask pack maker
    Registration number 30-1034613, 30-0935604, 30-1060718 and 30-1060717
  • Trademark registration of mask pack manufacturing equipment
    Registration number 40-1509387, 40-1642455
  • Exclusive supply Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute and cosmetic mask pack ingredients, functional ampoule (Maysin) and contract for use of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute trademark.
  • Home (new-model) sample release.
  • Home shopping sales agreement with Hyundai Rental (Capital) (for home use)
  • Contracted with PNP Biopharm Co., Ltd. to supply functional ampoule for mask pack.
  • Business sales contracts under discussion with China and Vietnam.
  • Established a local sales corporation in Hanoi, Vietnam. (ASIA BEAUTY STAR).
  • Released samples for mask pack maker for business.
  • Signed a production contract for businesses with Celltech World Co., Ltd. (Han Chang-hee).
  • Started production of 300 units for businesses
  • Participated in China Guangzhou Beauty Ingredients Fair
  • Completed export of the first 1,000 mask pack machines
  • Completion of mass production system for 1.1 million raw materials per day Rainbow Co., Ltd.
  • Industrial machine production plant located in Seoun-dong, Bucheon (3,000 pyeong), moved in on October 15th
  • 100,000 units of monthly production
  • Household machine production plant Gunpo 600 pyeong monthly production 60,000 units
  • Signed an export contract with China for 300,000 mask pack machines for businesses
July 21
  • Established BG Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
    Min-ho Seo, CEO of BGS Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Market change

  • 1950s-1960s Dongdong Gurume
    (Cream on the Face cream)
  • 1970s~1980 Basic cosmetics
    (Skin, lotion, nutritional cream)
  • 1990s~2000s Specialty Nutrition Cream Specialty
    (Placenta Nutrition Cream, Vitamin Cream, etc.)
  • Mid 2000s~2013 Functional cosmetics
  • 2013~2017 Simple non-woven mask pack pandemic
  • 2018~2019 LED mask device
  • Late 2019~2020 Launch customized mask pack products that are made and used on the spot by selecting functional materials that suit your skin condition