BGS Cosmetics strives to coexist with partners,
grow together, and fulfill its responsibilities and obligations.

Business Strategy

  • Step 1 System establishment
    • Establishing a business plan
    • Establish various product manuals
    • Staff Training and Training
  • Step 2 System check
    • Operation plan by manualizing model special points
    • Check the system and various conditions
    • Check, correct and supplement the conflict between actual work and plan
    • Harmony of system and actual work
  • Step 3 System application
    • Recruitment of franchise dealers
    • Exercising the system with aggressive marketing
Chain headquarters (head office)
head office
Supply system
  • Establish a system for supplying quality raw materials
  • Upgrade existing products
    Seasonal product development & new product development supply
Follow-up management system
  • Inspection of dealers according to maintenance contract
  • Immediate processing of A/S reception
  • Regular visit inspection and occasional check
Dealer management system
  • Reinforcement of pre-training for dealers
  • Dealer operation training
  • Dealer's own PR management guidance

BGS gel mask pack maker Dealer

  • Development patent Develop a BGS gel mask maker that can be used at all times by making mask pack that suit your skin and skin type. Patent registration number: 10-1832612, 10-1846686
  • A New concept Introducing a new sales structure and differentiated service concept
  • Upgrade Promoting upgrades of existing products to dramatically increase sales.

Terms and Conditions for the Establishment of Dealer

  • Seoul and metropolitan cities In principle, one unit of five dongs(administrative district unit)
    shall be assigned according to the business district.
    May change somewhat
  • City and county units One dealer by each commercial district
    (One dealer based on 100,000 population)

Dealer Establishment Procedure

  • Open

    Visit the headquarters. online.
    Telephone consultation
  • Opening consultation
    Business feasibility review and
    Initial investment calculation
  • Education

    1 or 2 days education : Device and operation
  • Preparation for opening
    Office or store preparation depending on location
  • Open

    The head office supports the recruitment and selection of businesses related to the area, and the supply of equipment and ampoule directly to the business concerned.
※ Opening fees may vary depending on the region and environment.

Continuous Chain management

Dealer Support
  • 01 Product know-how and technical support
  • 02 Management of special agent stores (sales, etiquette, service, management education, etc.)
  • 03 Education on overall management
  • 04 Strengthening competitiveness through new product development
  • 05 Headquarters' multifaceted advertising strategy-product differentiation & brand awareness reconsideration
  • 06 Provide continuous and fast information
Product supply plan
  • 01 All materials necessary for the operation of a dealer are supplied from the head office in perfect condition within 2 days of order
  • 02 The nationwide distribution network is established through the branch office operation system in each region to provide the most stable and rapid material supply to any region in the country.
Establishment of management system
  • 01 Exemplary store case
  • 02 Providing new dealer sales techniques (using local characteristics)
  • 03 Continuous development of high-quality new products based on the fastest information and statistics through a national branch and affiliate system (applied world famous skin beauty-related cases, and developed new products using various information)
  • 04 Efforts to introduce and apply successful products from other countries
  • 01 Basic training (training before open): product characteristics, menu, employee manners, sales technique, market information, Service training)
  • 02 Regular training: quarterly (head office policy, industry information, new product development plan, mental training, tax accounting guidance, report on the best dealer research case)
  • 03 Subsidiary education: When it is judged that the subsidiary education is inadequate, if necessary by the dealer.