BGS Cosmetics thinks
healthy skin can be beautiful in itself.

CEO Greeting

We are living in an age where we can't predict a day ahead.
Old things are losing ground.
There will be no exception to any business in this era when only new things are
gaining meaning. If you insist on the old ways and approach them,
there will be only failures.

BGS Cosmetics Co., Ltd. have developed a natural instant mask pack maker which is
convenient and easy to use for the successful settlement of a healthy beauty culture
as a result of direct investment in research and development over a long period of time.

The environmental conditions of the world foretell the long-lived era,
and we are living in the long-lived era.
The number of people investing in self-development is increasing.
BGS Cosmetics will create the era of 1 pack per day that anyone can directly
make and use gel pack conveniently.

Through continuous market analysis and new trend analysis in the rapidly changing
beauty market, We will make a success story in the beauty market by stable business
profits for businesses.
We promise to be a BGS Cosmetics that achieves customer satisfaction
through continuous R&D and best service and continues to grow healthy.

Thank you.

Min-ho Seo, CEO of BGS Cosmetics Co., Ltd.