BGS gel mask pack made of functional essence for my skin,
It protects and takes care of your precious skin.

Dazzling skin effect
that begins the moment
you meet BGS Gel Pack

1 pack per day! You know it's good for your skin,
but are you using anything?

Now, try using a 100% active beta-glucan hydrogel mask pack
that realizes true skin care with a 3-hour lasting power.

Characteristics of
Hydrogel Gel Pack
for Functional Materials
Our skin is so well-blocked to protect against the dangers of penetrating from the outside, that no matter how good the material is, we can't penetrate the skin barrier.

After 30 to 40 minutes of applying the pack, the skin membrane (pore) opens and pores open, so that components of functional ingredients or other treatments are absorbed into the skin and effective.
젤팩 착용 후 변화 이미지 : 착용 약 2분 후 온도변화(쿨링상태)
  • BGS gel pack is a natural material that is absorbed into the skin slowly for 2 to 3 hours.
  • It sticks to the skin, so it feels good to wear, and after 2 hours, the effect can be felt with the eyes.
  • BGS gel packs exhibit more than three times the penetration and ten times more absorption than general nonwoven fabric packs.
  • The BGS gel pack is kept cool until the end without being affected by the ambient temperature.
  • After 2 hours of application, the heat disappears and the skin moisturizing and healing effects are evident.
  • It is very good for use in plastic surgery and dermatology.